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The British Honours system is one of the oldest in the world and is a way of recognising merit, gallantry and service.

Many Manx men and women have been awarded Honours such as BEM, MBE, and OBE. Sometimes higher Honours are awarded.

Any British national can receive an award if they reach the required standard of merit or service, and honours lists contain a wide variety of people from different backgrounds.

Honours are given to people from all walks of life and all sections of society who have made a difference to their community.

Anyone can nominate someone for an award. 

Who can be nominated?

Any British national can be nominated, but only exceptional people are honoured. Achievement comes in many forms but the Island’s Honours Committee look for someone who has made a real difference in their field of work or community and who is head and shoulders above their peers. Honours can be awarded for all sorts of work – paid or unpaid – but your nominee must still be involved in the activity for which they are nominated.

Who can submit a Nomination?

Anybody can make a recommendation for a British national to receive an honour. If you want your candidate to be successful, make sure your nomination has what it takes to make it all the way to Buckingham Palace.

How do I nominate someone?

If you wish to nominate an Isle of Man resident for an Honour you need to complete an Isle of Man Honours Nomination Form. The Nomination Form will then be seen and considered by the Isle of Man Honours Committee.

It is very important that the nomination is well written, clear and concise and should be no more than 420 words. The Nomination Form can be downloaded from this site, complete with guidance notes. You should read the guidance notes and UK Cabinet Office guide very carefully before completing the form. You should return the completed form to the Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor by email if possible.

Nominate someone for an award

Letters of Support

You are encouraged to provide letters of support which can be sent by email or by post to the Private Secretary.

What happens to the Nomination?

Nominations are verified and considered by the Isle of Man Honours Committee. Selected nominations are then forwarded to the UK for final consideration and this process can take anything up to 24 months.

If successful, candidates are contacted to ask them whether they would be willing to accept an Honour. Almost everyone does and their names will appear in The London Gazette at the New Year or on The Queen’s official birthday in June.

Lieutenant Governor's Commendation

For nominations that are not considered for national awards, they can be considered for a Lieutenant Governor's Commendation.