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The President of Tynwald has praised the Isle of Man's Lieutenant Governor for proclaiming the new King in the Island's historic language, Manx.

Hundreds gathered at Tynwald Hill to see the second official proclamation of King Charles III.

smaller ceremony on Sunday saw King Charles III proclaimed, but the second ceremony was larger and open to the general public.

The Lieutenant Governor, who is the Monarch's representative on the Isle of Man officially proclaimed King Charles, making him Lord of Mann.

This title is given to the head of state for the Isle of Man, as it is a self-governing crown dependency.

The ceremony took place on Tynwald Hill, where the Manx parliament hold an outdoor sitting each year.

After the proclamation, God Save the King and also Arrane Ashoonagh Vannin, the Manx National Anthem, were sung by the dignitaries and crowd.

Speaking after the ceremony, the President of Tynwald, Laurence Skelly MLC, was proud to see the Manx language feature.

"This is the first Governor who has addressed the Manx people in the Manx language.

"He did it a few months ago at Tynwald Day, he did it again here today. That is very much appreciated."

Open-air Parliament at Tynwald Hill and Royal Proclamations date back over a thousand years when the Vikings first established it.

"This is right and appropriate for the Isle of Man.

"The seat of Tynwald, the longest continuous Parliament in the world, is where we should proclaim the new Kings.

"Going back to the Viking Era, they did this on the hill here. It’s right and appropriate that we do the same here", the President of Tynwald added.

The ceremony was based on the one held at St John's in February 1952 to proclaim Queen Elizabeth II.

The proclamation began with a short act of worship in the Royal Chapel.

The guests and dignitaries then walked up to Tynwald Hill, where the Proclamation took place.

"This is a historic moment and I think people here today are recognising that and have come along to witness these unique proceedings", said the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, Alfred Cannan.

The Queen visited the Isle of Man five times during her reign. Asked whether he would like to see the King on Manx shores, the Chief Minister said that he "very much hopes so".

"I look forward to welcoming King Charles here when he chooses to visit", the Chief Minister added.

ITV article (16/09/22)