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Last week His Excellency and Lady Lorimer were delighted to join Evie Roberts and take part in her podcast Talking in the Dark.

Evie, who is completely blind, has been hosting her podcast for a while now and has interviewed a number of notaries and celebrities.

In preparation for their meeting, Evie had prepared a number of questions for both His Excellency and Lady Lorimer, but like all the best interviewers, she gave them plenty of space and time to answer.

Evie is truly inspirational and proves that a disability is not a reason to prevent you from doing exactly what you set out to do - and should definitely not limit your ambition.

Both His Excellency and Lady Lorimer commented on the quality of Evie's presenting skills and very much enjoyed their time spent chatting with her.

Please follow this link: 10. Talking in the Dark with H.E. the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man and Lady Lorimer - YouTube

Evie's earlier podcasts can be found on either YouTube or Spotify on the following links: